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The Head Teacher, staff and governors welcome you and your child to Heathfield School

Hello and welcome to our school's website. All staff at Heathfield School work hard to provide a caring, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment for our children.  We are a very special school that prides itself that the learning we craft for our pupils is personalised, exciting and promotes high levels of pupil progress. Embedded in the life of our school are the values required for life beyond Heathfield, Great British values. 

Visits to our school are welcome, please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a visit.

Nicky Cunningham

An Introduction to Heathfield School

Heathfield is a primary aged special school for pupils with moderate learning needs. Currently there are 120 pupils, spread over 12 classes. Most of the classes are not grouped by age but by the secondary needs of the pupils, such as ASD, SLCN. So, for example we currently have three ASD classes which cater for pupils with differing cognitive levels but who need the specialist TEACCH approach to their learning.

The children at Heathfield access a creative, motivating curriculum. The children learn best when the curriculum is adapted to their preferred learning styles, pace and interest. Enjoyment is at the heart of learning. Experience has shown that active learning promotes positive behaviour and greater levels of academic progress. A rich, multi-sensory learning environment is essential to the development of children’s learning. Our curriculum is highly personalised and child centred. Enhanced opportunities for learning through play, both inside and outdoors, is evident throughout the school.  

Our ethos is that all of the children belong to all of the adults, so to that end, adults are known by their first names. Learning is at the heart of the whole school day, and begins the moment the children walk through the door. We tend not to have whole class lessons, using 1.1, small group and independent learning to ensure pupils are actively engaged in the highest quality learning throughout the day. 

Our work is supported by other key professionals; Speech and Language Therapists, a Sensory Integration Therapist, Occupational Health Therapists and Physiotherapists.