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The Head Teacher, staff and governors welcome you and your child to Heathfield School

Hello and welcome to our school's website. All staff at Heathfield School work hard to provide a caring, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment for our children.  We are a very special school that prides itself that the learning we craft for our pupils is personalised, exciting and promotes high levels of pupil progress. Embedded in the life of our school are the values required for life beyond Heathfield, Great British values. 

Visits to our school are welcome, please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a visit.

Nicky Cunningham

An Introduction to Heathfield School

Enjoyment and Excellence

To ensure exceptional learning

Every child deserves the best


Heathfield is a very special school for children aged between 3 and 11 years. The learning is highly personalised and individually crafted with the school creating a caring, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment. The pupils in key stage 2 are grouped in classes that address their secondary needs, so the pupils are of mixed ages but similar academic and cognitive levels.

We use a total communication approach, including Makaton, PECs, objects of reference, electronic communication boards, PODDs, along with simplified language to reduce barriers to learning and to develop independence and social skills.

We know that our pupils learn best when the learning both inside and outside is tailored to their individual preferred learning styles, pace and interests. The rich, multi-sensory pedagogy is deeply rooted in play for many of the less able pupils. The rationale for this is that these pupils have cognition levels well below their chronological ages and require an early years approach to their learning. We know that play, builds the imagination, promotes social skills, advances physical development, allows for emotional development and most significantly encourages independence and confidence to grow. Staff skilfully support and challenge the play, ensuring that development is ensured for all pupils.

The school has a structured approach to teaching literacy and numeracy particularly for the older more able pupils, whilst other aspects of the curriculum are approached in a topic, interest based way. All pupils have end of year and end of key stage targets set in line with the Governments Progression guidance and supported by CASPA data. Pupils are assessed regularly and pupil progress meetings help to address any barriers to learning.

Pupil Premium money is currently match funded by the school because there are no at risk pupils in the cohort. This allows for all pupils to receive the extra enrichments that the school provide: Specialist art, Write Dance, Play therapy, Motor and Hydro groups, Sensory therapy, lunchtime football with trainers from Portsmouth Football Club, breakfast and snacks, pastoral support, and enhanced curriculum activities.